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Reducing Medical Errors

MDPad is committed to the elimination of medical errors in the United States. Physicians, pharmacists and the American people will no longer have to worry about the threat of serious illness or death from mistakes inadvertently made by their physicians once they begin using the MDPad.

The Institute of Medicine has confirmed in a recent report that between 44,000-98,000 Americans die each year as a result of medical errors, making it the 5th leading cause of death in the United States.  More Americans die each year of medical errors than of diabetes, car accidents, breast cancer, homicide or AIDS.  Additionally, thousands more are hospitalized each year, victimized by illegible prescriptions, incorrect dosing, adverse reactions, allergic reactions, and improper use of medications. This problem, while prevalent for years, has only recently come to the attention of the American people in such a dramatic way. MDPad’s technology will decisively eliminate this problem.

MDPad prints a legible prescription that can be easily read by the physician, nurse, pharmacist and patient.  No more worries about reading poor handwriting.  Additionally, each MDPad produced prescription provides the patient with helpful hints and warnings about their medications. Patients can tear the note off the prescription and keep it with them at all times. 

MDPad advises the physician as to how to prescribe a medication by identifying the methods of dispensing pertaining to specific situations.  It also provides parameters to be used for prescribing, thus reducing the chance that physicians can over prescribe or under prescribe a medication.

MDPad immediately alerts the physician, prior to the prescription being given to the patient, as to whether this medication will react adversely with the patient. MDPad’s alert system warns the physician that the patient has an allergy to the medication about to be prescribed, or that the patient cannot take the medication about to be prescribed because of another medication the patient is taking.