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Fortune Magazine selects MDPad as one of five companies “who weren’t just talking about what the future might be like but were actually inventing it.”


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Pankaj Merchia, M.D., Chief Executive Officer
Prior to founding MDPad, Dr. Merchia was a manager in the New Jersey Office of McKinsey & Company where he primarily served clients in the Firm's Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products and Payor-Provider Practices on a variety of strategy, growth, operations, sales, and marketing issues. Over the last decade Dr. Merchia has led or been involved with dozens of medical informatics projects focused on decision support systems, education, information coding theory, structured communication, workflow automation, and collaboration at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Brigham & Women's Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospitals. Dr. Merchia holds an M.D. from Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts Institute of Technology's joint Division of Health Sciences & Technology. He graduated at the age of 18 from The Johns Hopkins University with Bachelor's Degrees in Biomedical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Mathematics, each with honors.

Jiwan Merchia, Ph.D., acting Chief Financial Officer
Prior to Founding MDPad, Dr. Merchia was a management consultant at RVP Consultants on the use of decision support systems and data warehousing for a number of Fortune 100 companies. Previously he has served on the business school faculty at Columbia University, The University of Connecticut, and Drexel University. Dr. Merchia is a CPA, CMA, and CCA. Dr. Merchia graduated from high school at the age of 12, was ranked first in B.A. in Economics & Mathematics from Panjab University, holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with honors from Delhi University, and a Ph.D. in Decision Support Systems with field honors in Operations Management & Management Accounting from Columbia University's Graduate School of Business.

A. Raj Merchia, B.S., Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Merchia was previously a lead software developer at Tachion, a young company developing telecommunications and data network switches. Prior to this he founded RVP Consultants that provided data warehousing and mining services to fortune 500 clients in the Marketing Information, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Health Care, Insurance and Food Services industries. Mr. Merchia has also served as a data warehousing consultant and developer at Red Brick Systems, a software developer at Oracle Corporation; and a manager at Acme Computers. Mr. Merchia holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering with University and Departmental Honors from Carnegie Mellon University.

Stephen Davis, B.S., M.Ed., Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Mr. Davis brings a wealth of experience in the area of marketing and strategic planning having spent fourteen years with Parke-Davis. Most recently Mr. Davis was a Senior Product Manager in the Women's Healthcare Division, where he received numerous honors including the Pharmaceutical Sector Marketing Excellence Award in 1999. While performing in this capacity, Mr. Davis successfully managed and grew a 250 million dollar product portfolio by capitalizing on emerging trends and demographics with targeted marketing initiatives directed to the professional, consumer and managed care segments. Two additional areas that Mr. Davis excelled in were Sales Management and Professional Advocacy Development at the local and national level. Mr. Davis holds a Masters Degree from the University of Georgia and is a certified Cardio/Pulmonary Rehabilitation Specialist with the American College of Sports Medicine.

Vikas Merchia, M.D., Vice President of Product Development
Dr. Merchia has worked extensively on the development of workflow automation systems in healthcare. Prior to becoming a physician, Dr. Merchia led the development of numerous automation solutions for the shipping and distribution, wholesale and legal industries. Dr. Merchia has in various capacities overseen customer service, technical support, sales, marketing, and procurement at a computer retailer and consulting firm. Dr. Merchia holds Bachelors of Science degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University and an M.D. from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He has completed a residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology at Temple University Hospital.