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Fortune Magazine selects MDPad as one of five companies “who weren’t just talking about what the future might be like but were actually inventing it.”


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Products Vision – Physicians and staff use wireless hand-held devices, to efficiently and effectively practice medicine and communicate with patients and other healthcare providers. Patients use wireless hand-held devices in physician offices and Internet enabled devices elsewhere to efficiently and effectively communicate with their healthcare providers.

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  MDPad has developed a novel Decision Support System and Unified Knowledgebase Representation of Patients and Medicine that underlies and integrates its modules to provide significant value, efficacy, and efficiency.
  Modules include physicians order entry, charge capture, documentation, messaging, personal information management, practice management, and collaboration.
  Solutions function on hand-held and desktop computers that may be on-line (including wireless) or off-line, and are designed to serve physicians in and between ambulatory, hospital, and personal settings.