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Fortune Magazine selects MDPad as one of five companies “who weren’t just talking about what the future might be like but were actually inventing it.”


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Integrating Technology Into Medicine

MDPad agrees with the authors of the IOM Study, that in this day and age of computers and the Internet. it is a tragedy that health care is stuck in the age of pen and paper. MDPad is the first hand-held computer that integrates thoroughly into a physician's day without significant change in the physician's work habits. MDPad allows the physician to harness the power of technology to provide better care for their patients, track the progress of their patients, educate themselves better and save money for themselves, their patients and the health care system. MDPad reduces many of the most time consuming tasks of a physician's day.

 Writing prescriptions

 Maintaining patient records

 Dealing with callbacks for formulary compliance or adverse reactions from pharmacists.

 Carrying large files and charts from place to place

 Reading journals and staying up to date with the latest information in medicine

 Dictating notes and receiving the transcribed notes in a searchable format

 Managing participation in clinical trials

 Charge capture

 Ordering lab tests