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Evidence Based Medicine

MDPad provides physicians with focused medical education aggregated specifically for the patient at the point of care with the patient. This education enhances the physician's understanding of the patient, of the symptoms and identifies several other symptoms that the patient may be at risk for based on history, age, gender and associated factors.

No longer will physicians have to surf through journals and the Internet to get the news relevant to them. MDPad's iCME service will send peer reviewed summaries of the latest medical articles to each physician's hand-held. Later versions of iCME will contain specialty specific information.

In later versions, MDPad will alert the physician, at the point of care, to co-morbid conditions to be aware of in a patient before the situation arises. In this example, the MDPad alerts the physician that based on the patient’s condition of CHF it might be appropriate to prescribe ACE Inhibitors.