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The dynamic and highly competitive marketplace will increasingly lead pharmaceutical manufacturers to find new and innovative ways to gain a competitive advantage using all available resources. As technology advances most companies are committed to finding cost effective ways to utilize e-business solutions and resources to supplement the efforts of the sales and marketing teams.

MDPad offers medically relevant, market driven and mutually beneficial opportunities to provide value, addressing medical, educational and clinical needs. The benefits can be tracked using real-time standards of performance and assessment models. Options include the following:

Sponsorship Opportunities
MDPad offers the opportunity for pharmaceutical representatives or companies to sponsor a physician or a group of physicians. This involves paying for the monthly subscription fee for a set period of time in exchange for the physician participating in 2 e-detail sessions per month.

MDPad offers the opportunity to sponsor class and drug specific categories for select physician specialty groups and plan networks

Providing Real Time Medical Education
MDPad offers the opportunity for pharmaceutical manufacturers to sponsor peer reviewed educational materials such as clinical trials or important findings pertaining to a disease state or existing or filed FDA study or indication. (As long as the study has been published in a credible and peer reviewed journal.

e-Detailing Opportunities
MDPad offers e-detailing opportunities to supplement the field based pharmaceutical promotional efforts. As covered above this would be in exchange for sponsorship of physicians for the MDPad software, hardware and printer, or approximately $50 per month .The majority of physicians surveyed reacted favorably when asked about some type of e-detailing to supplement the traditional sales call. The value may best be realized in more rural areas where the frequency of calls or the cost effectiveness of calls could not be justified. Additionally products that find themselves at the lower end of priority because of a full portfolio of products may be ideally suited (3rd or 4th promoted product)

Assist with Quality Pharmacy Initiatives
MDPad offers the opportunity to partner with Integrated Health Systems, Managed Care Organizations and Pharmacy Benefit Managers to provide quality initiatives designed to improve the quality of care and services provided to patients while at the same time streamlining processes and reduce associated costs. In line with this driving formulary utilization of preferred drugs is of paramount importance to both the health systems and the pharmaceutical provider

Assist with Compliance and Persistency Initiatives
MDPad offers customized programs to assist with patient compliance in the near term and persistency over time. This is accomplished by customized messaging and educational material designed for the physician or provider as well as customized educational materials designed for the patient.

Provide Real Time Prescriber Data/Tends and Share Shift
MDPad offers the ability to design customized and peer reviewed
educational materials or drug specific or formulary specific reminders that routinely present at the point of prescribing. This is designed to improve the quality of care, better ensure best clinical practice, and improve compliance and drug utilization, while at the same time lowering costs.