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White Paper on Physician Order Entry with Decision Support

98,000 Americans die each year as a result of medical mistakes – Institutes Of Medicine

MDPad provides many critical benefits to the ordering process so as to minimize the risk of medical mistake.

 Formulary Compliance – clear information at the time of prescribing of alternate products on the patient’s formulary and consistent with the provider group’s formulary can dramatically increase compliance.
 Errors of Communication – illegible orders, orders not transmitted to appropriate parties, duplicate administration of medications.
 Best Clinical Practices - e.g. “CAD? Aspirin saves lives” to patient on a statin but not on an aspirin, "CHF? ACE-I save lives" to patient being given a CHF med but not on an ACE-I. Each piece also includes a focused and concise discussion of the pertinent medical literature with references as well as next step orders.
 Drug-Drug Interactions - e.g. Bactrim & Coumadin, Amikacin & Ceftriaxone, Amiodarone & Fentanyl, Nardil & Meridia, Quinidine & Ciprofloxacin, Coumarin & Amiodarone. Each piece with next step orders such as “Check PT (INR) in 3 days” or “Alternate Antibiotics by Indication” for “Coumarins & Sulfonamides => bleeding”.
 Cross-Allergy Warnings e.g. amoxicillin to patient allergic to ampicillin, sulfa allergies with next step orders.
 Dosage Guidelines – maximum dosage, minimum dosage by indication, adjustment for renal and hepatic insufficiency.
 Therapeutic Duplication - e.g. lisinopril to patient on enalapril.
 Managed Prior Authorization Information - e.g. requirements for a new start patient on COX-2 with ability to produce authorization letters.
 Drug Utilization Review - e.g. Prilosec being prescribed to a patient who has not tried Zantac.
 Alternate Therapeutics - e.g. "ACE-I intolerant? Role of ARBs" to patients who are allergic to or were previously on an ACE-I but not on an ARB.